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Carmel: An Exclusive Event for Those Who Love Cars

Is there anything more impressive than a unique vintage or classic car? Is you have this unbeatable passion for automobiles, you have definitely heard about Carmel, as it is an exclusive show that displays only the best card with the Faith and the Palate.

What is this car show about? At this point, it is indispensable to mention that watching famous cars is interesting, but observing them in the fine atmosphere of the Monterey Peninsula, which is the historic Carmel Mission, is even more appealing. An exclusive setting, a chance to taste some of the best Monterey Country vineyards, fascinating live sharp music, and tons of other aspects contribute to Carmel, making it increasingly popular and appreciated.

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Tons of attractions, an impressive atmosphere, plenty of drinks, and a delicious no-host food bar offered by local chefs contribute to the popularity of the Carmel auto show. The Mission Classic is always the time when crowds of people come to see the top-tier classic automobiles. During the Carmel Car Week, which used to be held annually, people came to enjoy the best cars. Unfortunately, after seven years, Carmel classic cars show ceases to exist due to numerous circumstances. Nonetheless, the memory of the event and the exclusive cars displayed there will always be there. From Ferraris to Blessings to Beverages, there was always something special on the car show.

Browsing the event website, people will find information about the inability to keep organizing the event even longer. Carmel was undeniably the highlight of the year for many people who enjoyed racing cars, classic and vintage automobiles and were ready to do everything to visit the event at least one more time. Still, after seven years of the experience, the car show ceases to exist, but the memories about it will always be there in the hearts and minds of participants and car enthusiasts who visited the event.

The Carmel Mission Classic was inspired by Brother Knights Richard Pepe and Frank DiPaola, who managed to bring auto enthusiasts together and make the event serve the better goals. It was not a trivial exhibit of fashionable classic cars but a charitable event. For the years since 2013, the organizers have managed to raise over half a million dollars for the Carmel Mission and Knights of Columbus charitable purposes. The spiritual element of the car show was also important, so the blessing of the autos played a critical role in its growing popularity. Irrespective of the desire to achieve certain goals and raise money, it was undeniably one of the most inspirational and relaxed charitable events with a unique atmosphere.

Carmel Classic Cars: The History Behind the Event

Analyzing the Carmel show, it is complicated to find the necessary words to describe the event. Was it a trivial exhibition of the classic automobiles? No. Was it a merely charitable event? No. In fact, Carmel classic car show was an exclusive combination of everything that made car enthusiasts appreciate the time.

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Thus, analyzing Carmel as a highlight of the year for car enthusiasts, it is possible to come to a conclusion that it was an event that combined the passion for cars with the Faith and the Palate. The participants of the Carmel classics had an exclusive opportunity to observe the most fascinating cars with the stunning designs and histories that could hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Besides talking about Carmel, it is necessary to mention the finest vineyards of Monterey Country that were an indispensable part of the occasion. Is it possible to imagine a car show without cars? It is the same impossible to imagine it without a self-guided tour, live harp music, and eye-catching landscapes of the Monterey Peninsula.

Due to the tons of attractions, Carmel became overwhelmed with visitors who were willing to enjoy every bit of the experience. The car week was held annually before the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The events were different, so they did not outshine one another. Instead, Carmel set the right mood and atmosphere for further occasions.

Carmel Classic Cars: Richard Pepe and His Contribution to the Event

Carmel show is nothing but trivial, even without the due attention, devotion, and passion of its organizers. First of all, it is indispensable to mention that Rich Pepe and his best friend Frand DiPaola came up with the idea of Carmel Mission Classis. It was not a trivial event, but rather a real Concours that took place during the Car Week. While both auto enthusiasts made huge contributions to the car show, Rich Pepe was the one to be more public, spreading information about the event.

Who is Richard Pepe? How did he come up with the concept of Carmel? He is a retired City Police Department officer who used to work in New York. He had experience working as an EMT, in highway patrol, and in law enforcement. His passion for classic cars appeared early in his life and came in handy when he started working in the highway patrol.

Before the Carmel classic car show, he started organizing its simpler versions straight in the parking lot of St. Columbanus Church. It set the beginning for the future event and helped to raise a considerable sum of money to help the Knights of Columbus and their charitable projects. Carmel was a result of hard work and perseverance that finally paid off. It was a cool car show organized by two kids from Brooklyn.

Additionally, analyzing other accomplishments and achievements of Richard Pepe, it is fundamental to mention him putting together an exclusive Peekskill Vintage Grand Prix. Currently, the Carmel host works at Deutsche Bank being in charge of Health&Safety of the bank officers around the US, Latin America, and Canada.

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Richard Pepe and his friend faced a lot of challenges in their lives, as well, but the desire to follow their passion was much stronger than the fear of failure. As a result, people can enjoy the fascinating Carmel classics show that attracts dozens of car enthusiasts every year.

The personality of Rich Pepe is stunning, as he is the one convinced that cars are made to be driven. Thus, no matter how old and classic the auto is, it is worth attention at the Carmel show. The young man once shared in the interview that he caught the car bug quite early in his life and has always shared his passion with his brother Albert. Back in the years, he helped him to drag race the 1960s muscle car. Moving tires, getting tools, and enjoying the view from the pits contribute to Rich’s passion for the racing cards.

When the man grew up, he was not satisfied with watching the car show, as he wanted to become a part of it. The desire to go fast and be furious led him to a career as a police officer. The service in the Highway Patrol resulted in moving cars within the speed limit, escorts for Pope’s and Presidents, as well as devising traffic plans, which was helpful background for the organization of Carmel. A unique sense of the atmosphere and skills indispensable for the car show organization helped to succeed.

At this point, it is indispensable to mention Car Week, which took place in California for years and was the highlight for many car enthusiasts. Rich shared that passion and decided to add a little bit of spice to it. It resulted in Carmel classic cars show he organized with Frank DiPaola, his friend. Perfect location, flawless organization, and fascinating atmosphere were the key elements that led to success. Thus, if you ever happen to hear about Carmel, you should mind the long and challenging way its organizers came to make it possible.

Carmel Auto: 1951 Baldwin Special as one of the Greatest Cars Ever

Talking about Carmel classic car show, it is impossible to skip some of the most known and appreciated cars exhibited there. From the multitude of automobiles rerpesented at Carmel, 1951 Baldwin Special is an unquestioned leader. The history behind the creation of the automobile is unique and contributes to its value.

1951 Baldwin Special as one of the Greatest Cars Ever

The first racing special of Willis Baldwin, the Payne Special, has been quite a promising racer and successful vehicle. Thus, Baldwin was encouraged to design the second car, which was the Baldwin Mercury Special. The 1946 Ford chassis, shortened over 13 inches to 100, helped to achieve stunning results in the race. The fascinating design of the car made it one of the most appreciated vehicles in the Carmel classic cars show.

Besides, it is indispensable to mention the engine bay that was modified in order to accept the engine 23 inches back in the bay. The more even distribution of the car weight added to its speed.

Who participated in Carmel classics showing Baldwin Special? The original owner of the car was William H. Hanssen. The auto was raced in the 1955 and 1956 seasons, participating in four races overall. The history of the car is not known, but in 1960, Mr.Hanssen sold it. Jack McAfee became the next owner of the vehicle, which was brought to the Monterey Historic Races in 2014. Along with that, the car was regularly displayed at the Carmel auto, giving the fascinating views for car enthusiasts.

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Although 1951 Baldwin special took the attention and appreciation of lots of Carmel visitors, it was not the only car enthusiasts noticed.

Carmel Classics: 1937 Packard Twelve Sport Phaeton

What are the other autos that people kept gazing at while visiting the Carmel classics show? 1937 Packard Twelve Sport Phaeton showcased an amazing style and top-tier quality.

New coachwork typical for Lebaron and undeniable road presence made the car stand out during the car show. The design of the vehicle is inspired by the 1934 Packacd Twelve LeBaron Sport Phaeton and made it outshine the original. The limousine body was removed and never replaced. Additionally, later, the intricate ash frame was added for extra skin support, combined with the panels crafted using the English coachbuilding techniques.

1937 Packard Twelve Sport Phaeton

Diplayed at Carmel, the vehicle attracted the sights of car enthusiasts because of the little details that top-tier quality of the craftsmanship. These were the elements that made the auto stand out from the crowd and keep it astounding.

Carmel Classic Car Show and Jaguar XK140 Open Two-Seater

Another great option represented at the Carmel auto show was the Jaguar XK140 Open Two-Seater. The car featured the same architecture as its predecessors, but there were a few critical upgrades that made it more impressive. Full-width bumpers, rack and pinion steering, and increased interior space made it a great option for the Carmel classics show.

1956 Jaguar XK140 Open Two-Seater

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Generally, all Carmel classic cars are worth attention, as each one of them is unique and has exclusive features that make it stay competitive and appreciated by Carmel enthusiasts.

"Car Week's Most Relaxed, Inspirational, and Charitable Event"
"Objects of Art, Ego and Transportation, Saving Lives and Saving Souls"

1936 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster
2019 Best in Show Winner: 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster, shown by Craig Hopkins

A ONE OF A KIND EVENT combining the passion for fine automobiles with the Faith and the Palate.  Enjoy wine tasting by some of Monterey County's finest vineyards, a self-guided tour, and beautiful live harp music in the background as you stroll through the grounds of the crown jewel of the Monterey Peninsula, the historic Carmel Mission.  A no-host gourmet food bar  is available by a local chef.  The Carmel Mission Classic has quickly become a crowd favorite for visitors to the Carmel/Monterey area during "Car Week", and is held annually on the Wednesday prior to the world famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

From Ferraris to Funny-Cars and Blessings to Beverages, there's something for everyone!

Barry and Karen Meguiar with Michael Hammer,
owner of this 1927 Bentley 4 1/2 litre Le Mans Special

Sponsored Hotel of the 2020 Carmel Mission Classic
2019 Carmel Mission Classic Poster
This original work of art by renowned Carmel artist
Ed Greco is the featured artwork on our
2019 event poster.

One of our 2020 Feature Cars,
proudly presented by the Automobile Driving Museum
1917 Packard Twin Six
"Carmel Mission feeds the spirit, fine cars feed the passion, fine wine and gourmet food feed the body.  Join us in celebrating all three."
Frank DiPaola, Event Chairman
1927 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre Le Mans Special
1927 Bentley  4 1/2 Litre Le Mans Special
Generously shown by Michael Hammer
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1951 Baldwin Special
1 of 4 Produced with Race History
1936 Packard V-12
2019 Feature Vehicle
1930 Stutz Monte Carlo, Coach Work by Weymann,  Only three of these cars are known to exist.  The body is 100% hand constructed out of ash wood and its exterior is covered in a leatherette material, deeming this a "fabric bodied" car.  Graciously brought to us by our friends at the Los Angeles Driving Museum
The Blessing of the Cars 2016
The Blessing of the Cars - 2016
Grecin Motorcycle
Eugene Garcin's immaculately restored 1929 BMW R63 Motorcycle
2018 Ford GT
See it Here!   The New 2018 Ford GT

1910 Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) Model 15/20
Presented by the Automobile Driving Museum
Pagani Huayra